This is an archive of the band profile for Jack, and Gill's Daughter.

Jack Haigh and Gemma Tilley met in 2009, and have since created an acoustic fusion of incredible percussive picking and soul influenced vocals.

'Jack, and Gill's Daughter' are an incredible band to watch as well as hear, especially if you have a love of guitar playing; Jack's abilities are awe inspiring!

With influences ranging from Thomas Leeb, Newton Faulkner and Jon Gomm to the greats including Hanson... Mmmmmmmmmm bop (legendary), this band has a little bit of everything you'll be looking for! In all seriousness (Hanson included) Gemma has a background in jazz, soul and funk, Jack has a background in metal and the movement to acoustic from these genres has lead to some iinteresting, alternative and unexpected approaches to the acoustic genre... this band does not resolve. Breaks and outros are their speciality.

This band will not fail to impress and entertain. Keep your ears open :).