This article was published in 2009.

Leeds three-piece The Wednesday Club have released their third album. Titled ‘Katapult’ the album is the summation of their world-view: often filtering bleak subject matter through catchy, concise pop songs and informed by a belief that clever and stupid are equally valid methods of expression.

The 15-track album is available on the London based label Oddbox Records and can be ordered online now via the Oddbox Records online shop.

The tracklisting for the album is: 01 Trust Thing; 02 Marks and Lines; 03 Faulty Orbital Shaker; 04 Steven's House; 05 Wave At Planes; 06 European Veins; 07 Kindred Spirit; 08 Insominia Blues; 09 Huevos; 10 Schrodinger's Catflap; 11 Hit By Teeth II; 12 Harper Lee; 13 Biscuit Cramps; 14 Delomelanicon; and 15 Citalogasm.