This is an archive of the band profile for Back Page First.

Back Page First is a newly formed Bradford based rock band. Their first 4 track EP is now available on iTunes at the store link below and as of November 20th is available from all major online retailers.

The band is comprised of David Paul Zdanowicz and Richard Scott. Influences for the band include Incubus, Audioslave, Lifehouse, Span, Alter Bridge, Fiction Plane, The Police, Pink Floyd, and The Who.

Formed in early 2009, Back Page First is the musical vision of Dave Zdanowicz (musical composer) and the lyrical style of Rich Scott (vocals) Both members hail from Bradford, West Yorkshire.

Dave has a natural talent for finding an emotive melody whilst writing music, he believes music is how you feel not what you do. Dave is the 'Professor of the musical hook' and is an accomplished guitarist, drummer and pianist. During the recording of their tracks Dave sat in the producer chair and also mixed and mastered the finished product. Rich has many years of band experience playing guitar and singing live, using modern rock and metal as inspiration to find his vocal style. He has adapted his vocal style towards a more melodic direction to compliment Dave's emotive tracks whilst retaining a raw edge to his expression.

The duo will continue writing songs whilst finding other band members so that they can play their unique blend of emotive rock music live and develop a like-minded fan base. If you like to sing along at gigs then get Back Page First under your skin, every song will be an anthem to your life..