This is an archive of the band profile for Arizona Bay.

"All the shitty shows are gone, all the idiots screaming in the fucking wind are dead, I love it...leaving nothing but a cool, beautiful serenity called Arizona Bay."
- Bill Hicks -

Whilst this statement is neither a review of Leeds' leading grunge revivalists, nor perhaps a clear indication of their musical style, it serves its purpose as something of a mission statement for the band. A call to arms, to rally against the mass consumerist culture that plagues the music scene at large today, and a constant reminder of the importance of true and heartfelt expression.

After making some crucial personnel changes 8 months ago the band has moved from strength to strength. Gigging extensively on the national circuit, their charismatic live performances have seen them play a number of high-profile shows including a Friday Headlining slot on a small stage at Leeds Festival as well as numerous sold out shows with Leeds' 360 Club and BBC Introducing.
Intensive writing, road-testing, and recording original material has allowed the band to form and hone their sound, a eclectic mix of angst driven energy and fury with a 90s-centric Alt. Rock aesthetic, whilst at times possessing a subtlety and dynamic awareness all too often lacking within the genre.

Whilst as individuals they find their inspirations in an eclectic range of musical styles - from Classic Rock (Led Zeppelin, The Who) to Punk (The Clash, Black Flag, The Ramones), from Heavy Metal (Black Sabbath) to Grunge (Pearl Jam, Soundgarden, Screaming Trees) - they are brought together by a shared love of Rock music that is played from the heart. The band take their name from the seminal and controversial comedian Bill Hicks, who spoke out against consumerism and mediocrity throughout his career and exhorted the significance of truth within art, something the band also strive to achieve in everything they do.

Having just released a new single, Gadfly (now available digitally on iTunes, Spotify, Amazon, etc), the band are currently preparing to release their debut album, Refuse, this March, which showcases their constantly maturing songwriting style, as well as the energy and passion they've become famous for in their live performances..