This is an archive of the band profile for Goggle-Eyed-Psycho.

Hailing from the recesses of deepest darkest Wakefield, Goggle-Eyed-Psycho have played a very active part in the Wakefield music scene since forming in 2007, always turning heads and making new friends along the way with their eclectic yet soulful brand of melodic hard rock.

Originally formed as an outlet for Vocalist/Guitarist McDyl, GEP quickly recorded their first E.P, 'The Attack of Goggle-Eyed-Psycho' which recieved favourable reviews from local critics, yet only ever recieved a viral release, with CDR's changing hands all throughout the Wakefield area. Following this, GEP started writing as a band, allowing each individual's influences to further shape the band's unique sound.Numerous lineup changes have also set them back somewhat in previous years, but being the resiliant types, GEP have always bounced back harder and their current iteration is the best yet.

Combining crunchy riffs, solid rhythms, melodic yet powerful vocals and mesmerising keywork, Goggle-Eyed-Psycho have crafted a sound that is familiar, yet fresh, solid and diverse with songs that are misleadingly simple and memorable yet equally complex and challenging. Given their extensive blend of influences, there is something for music lovers of all types to enjoy.

2011 promises to be a very exciting year, with extensive gigging and a full album planned, prepare yourself for the revenge of Goggle-Eyed-Psycho!.