This is an archive of the band profile for The Blind Dead McJones Band.

Blind Dead McJones - Vocals, Guitar, Harmonica, Diddley Bow, Kazoo
"Big" Ben Slack - Guitar
Steven Nixon - Drums
Andy Johnson - Bass

The Blind Dead McJones Band formed out of a pure chance meeting between the blues legend and the Boys back in 2008. The boys had been having a casual wee jam session at the wise owl pub (now been demolished) when they noticed this mysterious looking fella keeping a keen eye on them. This turned out to be the great Blind Dead McJones who coincidently needed a new band and took on the boys. Since then they have performed up and down the U.K on a regular basis although sadly not always with McJones. As all the great bluesmen McJones is notoriously unreliable and is known to take last minute solo tours or just ship out to Japan when he fancies some noodles, sometimes leaving the band in a tight spot. As time has gone on though the boys have become accustomed to this and can now put on a great show with or without their front man. Performing a fine selection of Blues classics from the likes of McJones, Muddy Waters, Buddy Guy etc, as well as some of their own more rocky material. Back to School Blues is the first official release from the Blind Dead McJones Band (without McJones), released in 2010 after endlessly trying to get in the studio with the man himself the band eventually got sick of wasting studio time, recorded without him. McJones has listened to the E.P since its release and has been quoted as saying "Boys done good"..