This is a review of "Demonstrations" recorded by Tempting Kate. The review was written by Richard Garnett in 2002.

Two words: Unlucky & Resilient....for if you are to make it in this business you must expect the former and master the latter. So a big line-up change here, a stolen van full of all your equipment there, and a pulled single due to an inappropriate title for release last September (you work it out) we finally find Tempting Kate dishing out a serious lesson in dealing with life and coming out smelling of roses. And these blooms smell fantastic - like a full throttle mixture of China Drum, Derrerro, 60ft Dolls and the Wannadies, although their own description beats mine hands down - "Bob Mould buggering Westlife", a pretty picture I'm sure you'll agree!

This 4 track CD is packed full of upbeat guitar chugging fun. Good ideas in abundance sometimes go against TK making the overall effect a wash of melodies and the actual thread of the song can get lost on the untrained ear, like an over excited child who needs to slow down in what they're saying. Still this is a blinding bit of work - Tracks 1 & 2, 'Making Changes' and 'Silhouette' are the winners and are guaranteed to have you reaching for the skip back button on your CD player for a 2nd, 3rd, 4th listen. That "play me again appeal" is at peak when bass player Emma is singled out singing "There's a silhouette standing where my friend departed" over her phat growling bass - Brilliant!

Tracks 3 & 4 drop the tempo and perhaps show a chink in the melody armour. Although B-side / Album track territory they are played well and approached with the same ear for pop appeal. Personally I would have limited this to 3 tracks and kept it as punchy as possible. However, what this CD does perfectly is wet the appetite for the future. If this were a commercial release I'd be noting a date in my diary for the album, hunting the listings for gigs. With a re-think of the last two tracks this would be a truly outstanding EP, getting played to mates with those immortal words "have a listen to this" uttered in that smug "you'll be surprised" tone that friends use when they know they've been the first to find the latest gem.

Let Tempting Kate tempt you and you won't be disappointed.