This is a review of "Time and Tide EP" recorded by Steve Sanderson. The review was written by Richard Garnett in 2002.

"And now something for our older listeners....", a phrase that probably puts the fear of god into most of our readers, and a phrase that could quite easily precede Steve Sanderson's adult orientated northern folk blues. His solo acoustic guitar and vocals, occasionally visited by a harmonica is pleasant enough but wears thin with the lack of overall dynamics in the strum strum style. If this was played with a full band we might be looking at something with a bigger bite, but it isn't and were not. It's a shame because the reedy sound fails the songwriting talents that are clearly present.

'One Day' and 'The Devil Within' are where Sanderson is at his most eloquent and soulful. The upbeat but twee 'The Philosophical Song' is bathed in that flat caps and whippets sound that always goes down well in the 'safe' musical slot of Calendar as they mix in a montage of Yorkshire scenery, viaducts and cobbled streets. It demonstrates perfectly the middle of the road older audience this is aimed at.

It's a tried, tested and tired formula that belies some obvious talent. This will find an audience, but if your under 35 you won't be in it. A solid northern effort.