This is an archive of the band profile for CobraKiss.

CobraKiss were originally formed in 2007 by Tommy Cobra and Cal Saxton. The band has been playing gigs regularly for 2 years but has gone through several major lineup changes.

The current lineup is the strongest yet and is completed by students from Huddersfield Uni!

The first member to join the original two members of CobraKiss was guitarist Robin Bladez. Robin used to be the lead guitarist of the Southern/Hard Rock band 'The Blackjacks' who unfortunately split when Robin moved to Huddersfield.

The next member to join was drummer Dan who had come from a metal background with pounding double bass beats as well as the groove based beats which give our songs a unique feel!

The lineup was completed by bassist Harry Boam or Boa as we like to call him! Harry comes from a very musical background, having played and written in various styles from Guns n' Roses to Prog Rock and Metal!

CobraKiss have been working on writing new material which has been coming along nicely! To best hear the music come to one of our January/February shows! Our music is best heard live! Just as music is meant to be!.