This is an archive of the band profile for The Dawnriders.

"Dawnriders, won't you steer me home tonight......"

Amid the glowing embers of a dying camp fire on a dark December night in the winter of 2008, rose a sombre melody that would draw together a posse of friends who would soon become The Dawnriders....

"Westenra", a dark, atmospheric ballad inspired by tales of enchanted forests and vampire maidens snatching the souls of lonely men, was the first of many songs that were born from the collective consciousness of two close friends, Danny Teale and Danny Louch, the founding members of The Dawnriders.

Very soon, they realised that to construct an album as powerful and soulful as they envisaged, they would have to draw upon the creative talents of their good friends and members of former bands. By the spring of 2009, they were joined by Joe Leach (Louch's cousin) on the keyboards, organ and piano. The Dawnriders still needed a dynamic rhythm section to push their sound forward and add depth and force to the poetic lyrics and melodies. Candle lit evenings in a decrepit, derelict mill spent playing tunes huddled together in the dancing light convinced brothers, Matthew and Kieran Troth, the respective bass player/guitarist and drummer, that this was something they believed in.

Drawing lyrical inspiration from their favourite literature, storytellers and personal experience, a rapid abundance of songs formed and all members were contributing to the direction and dynamic of the band. Songs that told the story of forbidden medieval romance (The Virgin and the Creep), of nights lost in a haze of euphoric revelry (Nightcrawling) and metaphorical tales of greed and self destruction (Gold Rush) were deemed ready to record and by November of 2009 these songs and five others were recorded in the derelict mill where they had crafted their sound.

All eight tracks recorded by Big Blue Media Productions are available on CD/download (Goldrush, Westenra, The Virgin and the Creep, Nightcrawling, She Told my Baby, Dawnriders, Coming Home and God's Gonna Take You by the Hand) and a further four tracks are ready to record. After a series of acoustic, stripped down gigs, The Dawnriders look set to establish themselves as a provocative, rousing live act in 2010..