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FOR BOOKINGS CONTACT US HERE OR AT Tsar nicholas III and the exiles rose from the ashes of former Leeds bands ' The Silver Tree Club' and ' Tenderloin'. Frontman Nick Wallace and Guitarist Don Mort experimented with different line ups and instrumentation including accordion, eukelele and banjo before settling on the current incarnation. After adding Joel Smith on bass and Danny O'Neil on drums, Joel's basement became the creative hub of the project, serving as a studio, rehearsal room, pub and padded cell. Out of that melting pot of ideas and personalities came their understated debut album 'Letter of marque' Whilst still being based around the gutteral narrative of Nick's voice the current album in progress has taken a different turn since the addition of Toby Wiltshire on sax, keys and anything they find that makes a good noise. The sound now is more raw and stripped down taking in moments of free improvisation, the energy of the blues and dark brooding songwriting. The obvious comparisons are made with Tom Waits, Nick Cave and Johnny Cash but imagine they were from the north of England and grew up with acid house and cheap netto scotch and turned that experience into something thrilling and feeling and melodic and powerful. The live show's are loose, edgy, raucous and never the same twice..