This is an archive of the band profile for The Idol Dead.

Polly Phluid - The Voice
Tim - The Squeal
Nish - The Beat
KC - The Scratch
Dan - The Rumble

Ok, how does one go about writing a bio for a rock n roll band without either sounding like an aspiring journo hopped up on sugary drinks spoutin' hyperbole like some demented PR machine or resorting to tired clich├ęs and delusional fantasy?

Well, let's try honesty.

When Tim Jeffs saw Polly Phluid bounding about on a festival stage with his former band, Phluid, he thought 'I'd like to be in a band with him one day' ... and, never a man to miss an opportunity, a few years later he got the chance and invited Polly for a jam.

That Jam included Tim's mate Nish on drums - the three fellas got along like a house party aflame and before long some pretty cool tunes were stomping round the room demanding attention.

Best form a band then ... and they did. .

Miguel Luque landed in Leeds to study music less than a month later and, spotting and ad in shop, applied for the bass player job.

He was the only applicant - and was absolutely perfect.

Polly struggled on as singer/rhythm guitarist until KC Duggan came screaming into the fray throwing big chords and razor-sharp cheekbones around the place.

This is when that 'band magic' happened and these 5 lads thought they were really on to something.

They were right - The Idol Dead became a ten legged, riff-hungry entertainment machine - with songs catchier than Ebola and melodies sweeter than sugar-dipped strawberries.

Tours were booked, pics taken and an album recorded - The Idol Dead were getting' good reviews and building up a fan base.

They played festivals, jetted off to Barcelona to play for Miguel's home crowd and even supported a few of their heroes.

However, all things come to and end - Mig was accepted to study Jazz in London and reluctantly left the fray - but not before the Idol's visited a tattooist and scarred their rock n roll identity on their bodies forever.

The Idols were gutted, they were happy that their friend was following his dream, but how were they gonna keep this shit real and carry on ...

... step up to the plate Dan Sugden.
He couldn't have been more different from Miguel - a tee-total, man-mountain hewn from the very rock of Calderdale, but he fitted in perfectly and before long had an 'IDOL' scar of his own.

Now, with Miguel riding shot-gun in spirit, and Dan hammering the rumblehammer for all it's worth The Idol Dead are looking into a bright new future and planning the rock assault of the decade ... keep your eyes on these boys, they'd love to rock your world..