This is a review of "For Love Nor Money" recorded by The Finnlys. The review was written by Rachel Gardner in 2010.

2010 is looking good for The Finnlys with gigs lined up throughout Yorkshire and Rotterdam and a blinding single 'For Love Nor Money.'

'For Love Nor Money' is a really well crafted single, Indie grit that's pop friendly. It starts off with just a couple of strums of the acoustic guitar and vocals which are full of emotion and strength. Drums, bass and strings are added to build to a catchy chorus, lustful and wanting. The strings have the same effect as the one they tend to produce in Coldplay's tracks, one of sheer exhilaration where you can feel your heart pounding and your skin becomes highly sensitive.

The guitars, bass and drums have the enthusiasm and animalistic tendencies of the Arctic Monkeys, pounding and raw. You could be forgiven for thinking that 'Behind Closed Doors' is a track by the Arctic Monkeys or The Last Shadow Puppets, which is brilliant if you like them. Even the singer sounds like Alex Turner, effortless and frantic twisted into the melodies.