This is an archive of the band profile for Tiny Giants.

Tiny Giants are a Leeds based three piece band formed at the end of 2009. Their atmospheric sound of up beat rock mixed with blues and funky undertones, as well as their knack for penning songs with a catchy hook have ensured that they have a loyal fan base in an incredibly short period of time.

The band was formed by a random encounter outside a kebab shop in Leeds city centre in the early hours of one drunken Sunday morning, when Shaun and Aaron spotted James cradling a mixed kebab and singing the Kenny Loggings hit "Danger Zone".

This was the platform for the mutual agreement that "we'll start a band, do some gigs and get paid in beer." James had moved to Leeds from Newcastle when the job opportunity came up to work in the marketing team for the tropical solaro, a job he couldn't turn down. Unknown to James his love of frozen confectionery was a catalyst in the forming of one of the biggest sounding three piece bands currently gigging..