This is a review of "Champion The Cause (sampler)" recorded by Herrod. The review was written by Sam Saunders in 2002.

Emo? Hardcore? I dunno mate, I just listen to the music. Herrod are a very musical bunch. I like their new demo. It's got ideas and edgy guitar lines that plunge up and down between randomly chosen notes in awkward but precise tempos. The bass playing is adventurous and sinewy. It's good. They've sent me two whole songs and two highlights from other parts of the new 6 track release. The buggers. I'll have to go out and buy the whole lot now. It's called "Champion the cause" and you can get it from the band for £4.

Track 1 is "Shelter Our Approach". It starts at Pavement level and moves into some Albini like open endedness. It's the stand out track here. I'm not quite so keen on "Sad", but that's a personal thing I don't find the voice all that convincing and I would say that the vocals really do need some all round work. If they were as good as the guitars this band would be unstoppable.

Screamy vocals and all out mosh pit big guitar chord episodes in the highlight sections keep it close to the people. Maybe Herrod are starting to leave these easy tricks behind them the distinctive things that move off into real originality may not be so recognisably "rock" and comfortable for some people. But those people have already got already got 3,000 CDs to satisfy their need to listen to the musical equivalent of chips and mushy peas. They don't need bands like Herrod to make more of the same. The first two tracks are where the future begins.

Bring on the whole CD!