This is an archive of the band profile for Ghettoblasta.

Ghettoblasta started out as a duo (Kaoss Ross and Paddy Ranting). Their first gig was on the main stage on Unity day, Hyde Park, Leeds, 2005. With only a week before deciding that they were actually a band they rustled up some material. After performing their first tune 'Hyde Park Life' they concentrated on writing more material with the view to start gigging and producing music with a tongue in cheek slant on Techno and Hiphop.

Their next appearance was at a community project called B.A.D. (Burglary Awareness Day) at the Brudenell Social Club, which was run in conjunction with Oblong resource centre. This was an all day free music festival which helped to raise awareness of the high rate of burglary in the Leeds 6 area.

Following B.A.D. Ghettoblasta have teamed up with the band Rougish Stranger and currently hold a monthly event at Carpe Diem, Leeds city centre. Second Wednesday of every month. To be continued....