This is an archive of the band profile for Laikin.

Mark - guitar, mandolin, backing vocals
Martin - guitar, backing vocals
Nic - vocals
Paul - flute, whistles, sax, vocals
Pete D - bass, mandola, keyboard, backing vocals
Pete L - drums
Ruth - violin

Laikin (Yorkshire word meaning 'playing') has evolved over the last few years. Starting off as a 5 piece (Mark, Martin, Nic, Paul, Pete D), it acquired Ruth fairly quickly and, more recently, Pete L.

All members have played, and are still playing, in other bands/orchestras and, in particular, a number of them play in a local ceilidh band called Bandiera Rossa. You can also spot Pete L playing drums with another local band called Men of a Certain Age.

The band's genre is tricky to put a finger on as we play a variety of styles including folk, pop, jazz and country..