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Lavellion [Lav-elle-ion]
* The heightened state of mind manipulated by hard rock music (often influencing one to participate in recreational activities, i.e. rocking out, sexual intercourse, and/or walking with a swagger)
* In many cases results in confidence enhancement, adrenalin boost, air guitar simulation, and balls out attitude.

Lavellion's meaning originates from that adrenaline driven sensation you get when you hear your favourite song blasting from a cranked up stereo. The one that arouses and excites all those little chemicals in you body to make you feel like you are the mutts nuts, ready to take everything the world is gonna throw at you. Every thud of that kick drum is in exact time with your step, every word makes perfect sense. Suddenly every woman you see wants to know you, every man wants to be you, and nothing other than a power cut or some goon spilling beer on the speakers is gonna stop you from getting exactly what you want on this day. Bring it on big man "I've got my song and its playin at full blast just from me"

On a less intense note......The foundations of Lavellion were laid just over three years ago with a meeting of minds focussed on one purpose, to create some hard rocking music to showcase to the world!

The first few months of gigging saw Lavellion through to the UK finals of the JD soundcheck 2007, alongside gigs with some of the UK's greatest underground bands such as Doll & The Kicks, Wired Desire, Lecorum, also American acts such as Dirty Rig and the Crank County Daredevils, plus not to mention a UK tour with Sydneys own Koritni!

Suddenly people where paying attention to what these lads from little old Hull where trying to achieve. People liked the fresh sound of something new and exciting. A change from the drones of half arsed musicians unable to tune their own guitars seeming to enjoy being on stage as much as being at home watching the songs of praise with their Gran on a Sunday afternoon. Lavellion where something different. Lavellion really rocked. The music was solid, ballsy and powerful. The stage show was exciting and motivating, these guys really enjoyed what they where doing and did it well. Lavellion had started thier own little revolution in the local music scene.

Gigs started flying in from all over the UK and the band became stronger and more professional. The music was unstoppable and every rehearsal new songs were born, often to many to keep. Myspace and Facebook friend requests flocked in. They needed an EP. People wanted to buy these songs.

The band brought out the first EP, entitled 'Caution', recorded and engineered by Richard Jouanny. The EP included five brand new tracks, two of which had not been heard by the public. Sales rocketed, selling out at each gig. Along side the EP they released t-shirts, badges and stickers and created the band new letter. The band hit the road again to promote the new EP.

Currently on the dawn of releasing the new EP, 'Rock'N'Roll Cabaret', again recorded and engineered by Richard Jouanny, Lavellion are stronger than ever, looking to play to more and more fans this year. With up coming radio events, festivals and academies under their belts, Lavellion are searching for the right team of professionals to break through to the worldwide audience and really show everybody what they do best..