This is an archive of the band profile for Jupiter Makes Me Scream.

Brains behind Jupiter Makes Me Scream project is Karolis Burzinskas Barkauskas, who come to this world from very artistic family.

As Karolis says - "All my childhood and adolescence I have been related with music and scene. I am very thankful to all people who helped me and still are helping me to reach my goals. Beyond all questions, thanks to all people who fall in beside me and prompt me forward. At any rate - music is a science of soul that you should learn all your life. I hope that you will appreciate my music and watch my progress."

Now he is only 26 years old but has already recorded 19 albums, and received numerous awards for his music, dance and artistic performances in Lithuania, Japan and eastern Europe countries:

- Top Fint 2002: 2nd place UP STYLE (Lithuanian Break dance championship)
- Durys 2003: Cactus (for the best artistic festival performance)
- Gers Ruoks Festival 2004: Best Festival Band
- Pravda 1 Minute 2008: Best Movie Soundtrack
- Tokyo AMC 2009: Best Animated Soundtrack

Now he lives in Leeds and the question is what we can expect from him? We will see... rumours is that he is already started new recordings and preparing for gigs..