This is a review of "Nobody's Coming To Save You" recorded by The Sunshine Underground. The review was written by Sean Collison in 2010.

It would be fair enough to expect something slightly special from this album. It's been about three and a half years since the Leeds based 4-piece released their fantastic debut 'Raise The Alarm,' and in "indie" terms, that's hardly prolific. The Pigeon Detectives did two albums in a year for God sake! Mind you... the second one wasn't great.

Still, they've been feeding us bits and pieces of demos that would never make the album, and poor quality versions of album tracks among other things for the last year or so, and released inverted title track 'Coming To Save You' in November, with four others that didn't make it. A track lead by brilliantly heavy guitar riffs, drums, frontman Craig Wellington's screams and epic choruses, and that's this album summed up in about a sentence.

From that opener, to closer 'The Messiah,' The Sunshine Underground switch effortlessly between brilliantly grand choruses, and verses that vary from verging on indie-dance anthems (see "Spell It Out' and 'In Your Arms') to beautifully subtle (see 'Any Minute Now' or 'Change Your Mind.')

Lyrically, it's as strong as the debut. For the most part, Craig is wonderfully positive, from shouts of "We've always been your friends" to the lovely "don't run me out of time / just show me what I'm here for" on 'Any Minute Now.'

It's taken them a while, but The Sunshine Underground have produced a stunning sophomore effort, definitely a middle finger to those who dismissed them as a band who "were good back when..." Easily worth the wait.