This is a review of "Lemonade" recorded by The Somatics. The review was written by Richard Garnett in 2002.

I really wanted to like this record. I really tried hard, listening to it at home, at work, whilst doing the washing up, whilst playing the Play Station but alas the plain fact of the matter is, it has no place in my life. Why did I want to like it? Well this is a home town band done good, picked up by Beggars Banquet and with an album on the way it all seemed perfect to have someone flying the flag for Leeds. Yet in their snobby alt fashion Beggars Banquet managed to see something here that really leaves a simple music lover like me at a complete loss.

There's nothing so much wrong with The Somatics professional northern Bluetonesesque jingle-jangle "Didn't the Delgado's do this already?" style, it's just not very gripping. I grant you that some bands you need to work at and I am still prepared to give them a go live, in order that they might yet win my affections, but I want the all-round package - great live and great records.

The single 'Lemonade' is pretty enough with it's clever rhythm and soulful lyrics but you won't go away humming it. Track 2 'Kill Time (or it kills you)' is as bland a B-side as you could ever hope to find and the less said about the self-indulgent 11mins20 that is closer 'Almost an introduction' the better!

Based on this outing The Somatics are a long way from flying my flag and although it may get air play with the likes of John Peel for it's cleverness, I'm afraid that is where this rather ordinary journey will end.