This is a review of "Unsteady On His Feet" recorded by The Sailmakers. The review was written by Rachel Gardner in 2010.

The Sailmakers are an acoustic three piece indie band from Keighley, formed in late 2008. Having started out as an acoustic act; they added a drummer and then went electric.

'Unsteady On His Feet' starts off with gentle guitar which give the track a folky feel from the beginning. The drums come in with a tribal and raw beat giving the song great energy and power. The vocals are a little slow at coming in but when they do the singer's voice has a nice tone and the lyrics are clear, if a little simplistic. The backing vocals continue with the restrained folk feel, which gives the song a rustic texture but sounds very professional with it.

They fit very nicely into the folk / rock genre that began to bubble up in late 2009 and looks set to be big this year. The Sailmakers wouldn't be out of place supporting Mumford and Sons or Bon Iver, but aren't up to surpassing them yet; although I wouldn't rule it out that they will have a bloody good go at it. For a relatively young band, at least with this final line up, it's a really great track that will have you tapping your feet and leave you considering going see them live.