This is an archive of the band profile for Sterling.

Formed late 2008, Sterling are a 6 piece screamo/metal band from Leeds. With influences from all aspects of music, particular bands which stand out as influences are The Devil Wears Prada/Asking Alexandria/Oceana and other synth-esque screamo/metal acts. Playing shows since mid 09, Sterling have supported UK underground bands such as The Casino Brawl, Bury Tomorrow and Deaf Havana, Aswell as globally successful bands such as It Dies Today, Kittie, Hand to Hand and Hopes Die Last.

Sterling have an ever growing fan base and intend on spreading it further round the UK in 2010. The band have recorded 2 cds, one 4 track demo and a 7 track EP (soon to be released). With the majority of members still in education, Sterling aim to gig as frequent as possible..