This is an archive of the band profile for One English Pound.

One English Pound is about everyday life.. the big bits and the little bits..

It's about rainy days, picnics, parades, sunshine, red wine, how to have a good time, crashing economies, broken societies, World Cup wins and corned beef tins. It's about scallies down allies and midnight muggings, old countryside valleys and steam trains chugging.

Poor spelling, bad grammar, the kid with a stammer. Two fingers in the face of the glitz and the glamour. It's about typos and psychos, the middle of a story, just before the pubs close and a knickerbocker glory, from life-changing news to the wildly mundane, learning from mistakes and then making them again.

So that's us, keep checking in for updates and gig dates and feel free get in touch. You can either email us or message us on myspace. If that doesn't appeal, search "One English Pound" on facebook for the group and fan page.

All the best

One English Pound.