This article was published in 2010.

Over the past 3 years, The Rock And Roll Circus has established itself as the premier music rehearsal studios in Leeds and a vast array of musical creators have passed through its doors.

In order to celebrate and support their fantastic array of local artists, The Rock And Roll Circus has commissioned a new compilation record, 'A Collection Of Calamity: 18 Odd-core classics presented by inmates of Leeds' Psychedelic Rehearsal Studios, The Rock & Roll Circus'.

The album features recordings by bands who have rehearsed and recorded at the studio and the full tracklisting is:

1. The Bacchae - Thirteen
2. Rent Boys - Erotic Miles
3. The Hydropaths - Good Men
4. This Many Boyfriends - That's What Diaries Are For
5. Just Handshakes (We're British) - Brass Knuckles
6. Gary Stewart w/Ellen Smith - Behind The Door
7. Cissy - Cissy Thunder
8. The Cupid Stunt - Howl
9. Society - Chattox
10. Buffalo Bones - Left Before I Arrived
11. We Sell Seashells - Cosmic Trilogy Pt 2
12. Downdime - I Lied To You All Along
13. Lasse Brawn - Can't Understand Not Talking
14. Volcanoes - Temple
15. The Lazy Darlings - Lover, Come In
16. Saving Time - Somebody
17. Wonderswan - Cut It (4-track demo)
18. The Rosie Taylor Project - Lovers Or Something Like It

The album, including stunning artwork created by local artist Jonny Hewison, will be available on CD for free from Jumbo Records, Crash Records and Blue Rinse from the end of February 2010.

To tie in with the compilation, The Rock And Roll Circus have shot an exclusive live video session with Leeds band Dinosaur Pile-up, filmed on location at the studios by James Hobson and Ross Halden.

This video will be streamed online at from Monday 22nd February 2010.

Dinosaur Pile-up took time from a European Tour with Pixies to film the session, which features live workings of 'Traynor' and 'My Rock n Roll'.