This is an archive of the band profile for We Sell Seashells.

Leeds based 5-piece We Sell Seashells unexpectedly evolved in 2008 from the bindings of C.S Lewis' science fictional manuscripts. At first, they were primitive and highly unstable organisms. Being the offspring of the author's more peculiar writings We Sell Seashells began to grow bizarre appendages, proboscises and a number of shocking psychic influences from Lewis' much overlooked galactic saga 'The Cosmic Trilogy'. By 2009 We Sell Seashells had mutated into a mixture of complex and fluid forms with diverse sonic tastes; from the Baroque to the contemporary; linear to progressive; main-stream to downright-odd. As 2009 reached its closure the residual consequences of their evolution were amalgamated in the release of 'The Cosmic Trilogy EP' - a homage to Lewis' creativity and a composition unto itself. Now, In their final 2010 formation, the organisms comprise the following shapes: Jonny on guitar, vocals, beats and keys; Chrissie on viola (5-string) and nyckelharpa; Mike on guitars and spookiness; Tom on bass; and Roy on drums and hoots..