This is a review of "From 005 to 008" recorded by The Good The Bad. The review was written by Rachel Gardner in 2010.

The Good The Bad have forgone the convention to have a singer in the band: instead they are made up of two guitarists and a drummer. In doing so, each track is packed with energetic guitar that provide the illustration, rather than the vocals. With the lyrical aspect stripped bare The Good The Bad indulge the senses with seductive melodies that flirt throughout the EP.

They provide a similar dramatic flare and rawness to The White Stripes with some surf guitar thrown in for good measure. It would not be out of place on a Tarantino soundtrack, but providing the accompaniment for the scene rather than defining it.

It's full on hip swinging, vodka drinking, let's get down and dirty instrumental rock. However, there are points where it sounds a little to close to an Arctic Monkeys recording where Alex Turner has gone to get a pint. Well executed and worth a listen, but could do with a few more individual characteristics to take it up a step.