This is a review of "Sugar and Snarls" recorded by Volcanoes. The review was written by Lesley Jackson in 2010.

Volcanoes' brand of rock and roll is bubbling hot and this, their latest EP of four songs, is no exception. It is fair to say that since tasting their last EP, 'Shaking that Brass,' this Leeds and Sheffield four piece have become my favourite local band; with their strong live performances and very, very good acoustic set at the Adelphi last month. Whereas the previous EP had a slightly bluesier feel to it, this one is a firmer and less winsome collection where the whole thing has a more professional feel to its production. 'Sugar and Snarls' rocks out with more style and with a stronger bass line that makes you want to jump around your living room and play air guitar.

Volcanoes have managed to make an EP that's instantly familiar; there are countless strong guitar influences that you can pick up here; I could hear a bit of Oasis guitar, Stone Roses base, a hint of Pigeon Detectives and even Crowded House. But here's the thing: it is all combined to make an original and fresh sound that I haven't heard from a guitar band for ages. The opener 'Level Up' gives a good fast opening that thrashes out and gives over to a dramatic guitar lilt, 'Pigs in Blankets' is a quirky little thing but the best is really left until last with finale 'Fathoms,' this would have to be a strong single contender as it has everything that you would require from a piece of rock goodness. It opens with a rough guitar melody that adds layer upon layer of sound, topped off with frontman Samson singing "she's fathoms and I'm falling deeper down." Oh yeah.

'Sugar and Snarls' is not just recommended, it needs to be listened to.