This article was published in 2010.

Leeds record label Dance to the Radio was originally formed by Whiskas (¬°Forward, Russia!, Honour Before Glory) and Andy Roberts and while its forming partners have since left the label to work on other ventures, the label has continued and this week celebrated its 5th Birthday.

Dance to the Radio launched on March 11th 2005 with the release of their compilation CD, 'Dance To The Radio: Leeds'. The CD featured local bands such as The Somatics, ¬°Forward, Russia! and The Scaramanga Six.

A year later (27th February 2006) the label released their 'What We All Want' compilation album and following quickly after was the limited edition 7" debut single from The Pigeon Detectives (13th March 2006).

In 2009 DTTR announced their 50th release.

Now into 2010 Dance to the Radio are celebrating 5 years as a label and to coincide with the birthday the label has announced that they will release 'Find Me Out' by Rose Elinor Dougall on May 3rd 2010.

More information can be found on the Dance to the Radio website.