This is an archive of the band profile for Wot Gorilla?.

Hailing from Halifax, England, Wot Gorilla? combine elements of math, pop and progressive rock with heavy melodic breakdowns.

With a name originating from a track on the 1976 Genesis album 'Wind & Wuthering', the four piece band take cues from progressive pop and rock from then and now - but firmly rooted in the latter.

The band is known for their technical performances, taking the audience on an unpredictable and energetic journey. A focal point of the bands style is their highly complex song structures, bizarre time signatures and Haigh's distinctive vocals. The band have shared stages with the likes of Tubelord, Tera Melos, Cursive and The Get Up Kids as well as various festivals around the UK including slots at Reading and Leeds festival.

Confident in their style the band have already fully formed in the short period of time since their inception in 2009, they are prepared to develop an idea into any number of veins, unrestricted by conventional constraints. Naturally, this always had to be in keeping with their progressive writing style, reflected well in the series of EP's the band have released such as their self-titled debut 'Wot Gorilla?', 'New Arrival' and the single 'is', all lauded with critical response.

The band has taken a more technical, fuller sound for their debut album 'Kebnekaise' with song-writing that has taken on an unmistakably powerful approach. Lead track 'Snow White' (along with accompanying music video) at the helm has been captured flawlessly by producer James Kenosha (Pulled Apart By Horses, Marmozets, Lone Wolf).

'Kebnekaise' is planned for release on 27th August 2012 with artwork duties falling onto prolific cut n paste Swedish artist Kristian Ingers.

Mat Haigh - Guitar/Vocals
Ben Farnell - Guitar
Jonny Hey - Bass/Vocals
Si Marks - Drums

"An EP that brings an innovative sound and fresh vigour, people won't be asking Wot Gorilla? for long, they'll soon know who they are." The 405

"As an EP, this hits all the right notes and we firmly believe that Wot Gorilla? is the sort of band that will only get even better" Rory Carroll, Artrocker

"Wot Gorilla? then blow things apart with Fear Of Flying. The sampler's strongest track, the manically mathy jaunt fires off some serious guitar acrobatics as the Halifax band twist and turn in a manner reminiscent of one of the UK undergrounds best loved bands, Meet Me In St. Louis. If Wot Gorilla? carry on like this, they will rise to the same heights and this song is worth the asking price alone." Rob Evans, Huddersfield Student

"Whilst there are many bands which favour math rock quirk over hooks and melody, and whilst there are many more who keep to strict convention in order to maximise appeal, there are few who find the perfect happy medium." Marc Ridley,

"Well, since I'm not going to play with anticipations or anything, I'll just reveal right away that they are fucking awesome and that since yesterday I've already spent dollar on procuring their back catalogue. This is a big deal- I'm no mathcore fan, really, but they are melodically complex whilst being frankly virtuosic instrumentally and yet can spin a tune you can hum, no mean feat." Alex Lynham, High Voltage

DISCOGRAPHY (Entire back-catalogue is available for free download from

SELF-TITLED EP - Recorded in November/December 2009. Self-released 5 track EP.

NEW ARRIVAL EP - Recorded in August 2010 with James Kenosha (Grammatics, Pulled Apart By Horses, Lone Wolf & Dinosaur Pile-up). 4 track EP released on 6th December 2010 through Hereford based record label Idle Hands Club.

IS - Recorded in February 2011 with James Kenosha. This debut single is the third release by Halifax based, math rock 4 piece Wot Gorilla?

SNOW WHITE - Recorded in November 2011 with James Kenosha. Free download taken from their debut album 'Kebnekaise' - Due for release August 2012.

KEBNEKAISE - Debut album due for release August 2012..