This is an archive of the band profile for Tree Of Sores.

Doom/crust/post-metal 3 piece from Leeds. We have been gigging since October 09 and have played wih the likes of Revokation,Narcotic Death, Diet Pills, Cry Havoc, Goatspeed, Normal Man, Downfall Of Gaia (de), Dead in the Woods, Gasmask Terror (fra),Ergot, Winds Of Genocide, Etai Keshiki and Parole amongs others. We're always keen to hear from people with gig offers but normally need a bit of notice as we all work shifts.

Anyone interested in putting us on/wanting a free demo cd/buy some merch/other stuff get in touch through here or on:-

LATEST NEWS: 3 Gigs coming up in Leeds in August, hopefully something in September (get in touch with gigs) and then we're aiming to record in October