This is a review of "Churp Churp" recorded by Piskie Sits. The review was written by Rachel Gardner in 2010.

The summer is slowly starting to look like it may happen, with bursts of morning sunshine making the hideous snow a distant memory. There are always certain songs that remind you of that feeling of sitting out in the sun, drink in hand and dreaming away the days with your ipod. Piskie Sits' first single, 'Churp Churp' off their forthcoming album is one of those songs. It has an instantly catchy bass line that is set to the right frequency to get your foot tapping along. It draws you into the song from the first couple of bars which is then met with a bouncy, effervescent electric guitar.

It is easy to see why comparisons have been drawn with Pavement; they provide the same antidote to the over processed and glossy pop songs that you would hear on Radio 1. Both lead singers have that lazy tone to their voice, which gives a natural quality absent in many polished recorded records. I don't mean lazy in a bad way, more effortless and true; I would imagine that Piskie Sits playing live sound identical to the recording.

'Churp Churp' is a catchy first single but not in an irritating "I just can't get this song out of my head" way. It begs to be sung along and danced along to and will get you wanting to go see them live.