This is an archive of the band profile for Delirium Theory.

Very few bands can claim to draw inspiration from as vastly diverse an array of influences as those cited by Delirium Theory. Ranging from the classics like Led Zeppelin and Pink Floyd - through the timeless genius of Rage Against the Machine and Pearl Jam - arriving at the bizarre, with kitsch acts like MC Hammer and S Club 7. 

Having cut their teeth in a variety of local groups including politically-fuelled Leeds punks, The Mingers, Heavy-metal behemoths, Flux Capacitor, and Chakra which introduced Nick to the symbiotic musical partnership of Alex and Vicky "Buttfairy" Reader , Delirium Theory built themselves into a musical force to be reckoned with, attaining completion upon the addition of Coral who stepped up to her steel-encased microphone and lent her own characteristic wail to the proceedings. 

Since their inception in 2009 they have written and gigged relentlessly to develop their live show. Something which has to be seen to be believed. Alex's groove-laden riffs counterpoint the hard-edged, yet soulful vocals of Coral and the smooth bass-lines laid down by Nick are driven by the crushing beats of 'Fairy'. 

This effortless blend of funk, hard rock and live presence has culminated in a massive demand for Delirium Theory to tour.

With new songs in production and many more shows in the pipeline, Delirium Theory are a band who are set to once again put the north of England on the musical map. Watch this space!.