This is a review of "The Elegant Philanthropist" recorded by Bearfoot Beware. The review was written by Tom Keighley in 2010.

Sprightly Leeds four-piece Bearfoot Beware do it themselves with their first single: 'The Elegant Philanthropist.' It's a scrappy, meandering guitar tune with a fuel injected hit-hat disco chorus. Rough and ready enough to keep it punky, but with a dosage of pop hooks and backing vocal 'whoops' to snap at the heels of radio playlists. There's great humour in the over zealous lead vocals and a spiky delivery ?a Arctic Monkeys from the rest of the band.

Not bad, but the B-sides are better, oddly enough. 'The Age of Stupid' is a belting little fizzy pop number, giving a wry run down of pop culture embarrassments in the Ian Dury mould, with cheeky gang shout chorus. 'Bamboo Nightlife' can stand up to the A-side as well. Stabbing guitar punctuates this high velocity punk-funk arrangement. Agitated and angular with an inescapable chirpiness Bearfoot Beware are motoring along to bigger things with this single. The CD is available now and digital release follows on 27TH March (Itunes, amazon etc.)