This is an archive of the band profile for Lynchburg Tenn.

We formed in Autumn of 2009, having know each other and played in various bands together for a number of years.

We play a fusion on Classic and Heavy Rock and are racking up more and more gigs every week.

Lynchburg Tenn is a 5 piece consisting of:

Rory Holl - Vocals (Eris, Elephants on Acid)
Luke "Darkness" Smithson - Guitar (Swazy Hookers)
Sam Wood - Guitar (Black Water)
Jose Bongo - Drums (Force Fed the Sick)
Robert 'Conan' Threapleton - Bass (Tangaroa, The Fobia)

We are currently recording an album of original material, set to be available from May.

On May 16th, we are set to play Wakefield Rock Festival. A 2 day festival in aid of Wakefield hospice..