This is a review of "Stood Up Sat Down" recorded by Chris Patrick. The review was written by Victoria Thompson in 2010.

In this day and age there are around ten singer/songwriters for every person in the world's population. Chris Patrick has been playing guitar and performing since before most artists today were twinkles in their father's eye, but does it show?

The album starts of pleasantly; simple yet effective songs that would be perfect for a beach campfire on a summer's eve. The different styles of tunes are so varied it's difficult to pigeon hole this CD. 'Will I Do Just As Well' sounds like it was created by a cowboy on a ranch in Texas to be performed at a barn dance. For the speedy song 'Call Him A Devil' I cannot get images of line dancing out of my head.

Yet 'Keeping The Cold At Bay' is a melancholic and reminiscing song, with tales of a man who longs for another shot at life, but knows it's impossible. The vocals are haunting and echoing, with the melody staying on the same steady level. Johnny Cash would probably have loved to put his own spin on this if he were still with us.

For the next few tracks, the songs vary from the Led Zep era, with classic rock guitars, to modern day indie pop with synthetic special effects and casual vocals. Towards the end of this mixed bag of tunes the atmosphere becomes a tad too samey and seems less polished than the start of the album. They sound rather generic, which is a disappointment after the impressive variety before, so I would tend to stick with the start of this album.

Chris Patrick is certainly very talented, but his strengths are in acoustic and folk veins, rather than up-to-date indie and rock genres.