This is a review of "Curses" recorded by Curses. The review was written by Nick Kearns in 2010.

Fused together from the remnants of various bands within Leeds' hardcore community, Curses' intent to take the job at hand seriously is demonstrated by the release of their debut EP barely nine months after their first gig. The three tracks were recorded at Peak Studios in Bradford, under the stewardship of John Rees who has also worked with acts such as The Casino Brawl and We'll Die Smiling.

'Rememberance' kicks the E.P off in the four piece's typical riotous fashion, an intense and tightly executed opening passage combining furious screams, fret-board swallowing riffs and precision drumming, before following a more melodic route that maintains a tight grasp of dynamics. Live favourite 'Wolves' follows, an equally monstrous epic of ear-smashing riffs with cleanly sung vocals interplaying well with throat obliterating screams. 'Rising Tide' is the closing song on the E.P, and showcases the quartet's ability to meld a catchy vocal breakdown alongside their arsenal of battering-ram guitars and frantic drums.

Curses' debut EP showcases a sophisticated knowledge of aggression and brutal dynamics, with each of the three songs also demonstrating an equal grasp of melodic nuances. Well worth checking out.