This is a review of "You're Gonna Pay" recorded by The Humour. The review was written by Daniel Powell in 2010.

This is a public service announcement aimed specifically at anyone looking to start a band: Let it not be said that hard work and perseverance doesn't lead to success. Take The Humour, for example. Here is a band that have been together for only three short years, during which time they have toured relentlessly up and down the country, jumping on any gig that will have them. The benefits of such hard work include slots supporting the likes of Fightstar, The Used, Gallows, Rise Against and You Me At Six, not to mention slots at Reading and Leeds, Taste of Chaos and now Download. Whichever way you look at it, that's a pretty impressive return for three years of getting in a van and playing some rock and roll.

This brings us to their debut mini album, 'You're Gonna Pay.' Sounding somewhat like a less vital Lostprophets, the band buzz with a nervous urgency, yet never quite hit the heights of the bands they aspire to. Huge choruses are plentiful, jostling for space amongst the shredding solos and familiar rock riffage. Yet, as familiar as the sound is, there is always something nagging away that suggests there's something they're holding back. The title track is a perfect example. Executed to perfection and yet somewhat lacking, all of the individual aspects of the song are phenomenal yet the composition as a whole is just wide of the mark. 'Living on Your Own' provides the album's stand out moment, stop-start riffs build into a gorgeous, sweeping chorus marking out The Humour as definite ones to watch, because if this is what they can come up with in their infancy as a band, things are going to get pretty epic, pretty soon.