This is an archive of the band profile for Audio Republic.

Audio Republic is the reformation of Leeds indie rock quartet formally know as Otherside. Between 2005 and early 2009 Otherside enjoyed escalating regional success around Leeds following three Studio recorded EPs and a handful of positive reviews from the BBC and local music press. They also held the record for most tickets sales for an unsigned band at the Cockpit in Leeds.

With the new year the boys decided to start afresh. In March 2009 Phill Clark (vocals & guitar), Danny Cope (guitar), John Paul Giles (bass) and Mark Shilton (drums) reformed as Audio Republic. In the following months the quartet began developing new material, aiming to take both their sound and ambitions not only forward but also in new directions. However, the band believed it was important not to dismiss the solid foundations already built as Otherside. Therefore old favourite songs and material written shortly before the reformation were not to be mothballed. A major new focus in their song writing was to home in on a distinct sound; one that drew together their favourite aspects of previous material.

Something that Otherside were often praised for was the diversity of their live set, however the boys admitted that it led to a degree of confusion when it came to placing the band. With Audio Republic, they aim is to create a more coherent catalogue of material, one that gives the band a distinct identity that they previously lacked.

Summer 2010 will see the re emergence of the boys back on the music scene. Local shows will see them previewing new material before they begin spreading further a field with the close of the year and beyond. Although the Audio Republic journey is in its infancy, an emergence of a new musical direction is becoming apparent in the band's latest material..