This is an archive of the band profile for Pretty Polly's Beard.

Nico Smith - guitar and vocals
Glenna Larsen - violin
Joe Mathers - mandolin + whatever else he picks up
Ingrid Criddle - guitar + penny whistle
Ewan Banjo - banjo of course
Olly Bolly - Bodhran + percussion

It all began on the eve of St Paddy's 2008, Ingrid, Glenna, Nico, Olly, Joe and Ben had a jam the night before on some traditional Irish toons and then wowed the crowds at Viva Cuba for one night only... but it did not end there... each gig led onto another gig and another and another and pretty soon, Pretty Polly's Beard acquired an addiction to folk music plus additional folksy types such as Mr Ewan Banjo... Pretty Polly's Beard now play a mixture of Irish and Scottish folk, old-time and bluegrass music and are now available for ceilidh hire as well as birthdays, weddings, farewell parties and general piss-ups!.