This is an archive of the band profile for We Run Riot.

Adi Thompson - Bass
Luke Peters - Guitars/Vocals
Si Martin - Vocals/Synths
Thomas Quinn - Drums

No one could have guessed that a knackered Casio piano with a mind of its own and a 'happy go lucky' swung acoustic guitar would have been the humble beginnings of WeRunRiot. It was these early gatherings in a dingy student bedroom in Leeds where Luke and Si cemented their existing friendship over a shared vision. Drawing influence from a varied selection of their record collections, the lads set about crafting their sound. A few months and many wild nights later, Si had come to know Adi Thompson, a guitarist and well known face around the Leeds socialite scene. Keen to join a band and get back playing, Adi stepped up to the table and filled the 'temporary' position of bass player, unaware that this was to be his permanent role within the band. Ironically, his guitarist background became key to his unconventional style and lent towards the bands overall unique sound.

Moving quickly the trio set about on a mission to find someone who could keep tempo on and off the stage. A few failed attempts and broken egos finally brought them together with Tom Quinn, a self taught drummer with an ear for an awesome groove and the patience to put up with the WeRunRiot rollercoaster. Tom locked in the boys sound and provided the beat to take them to the next level.

Using nothing more than a laptop and a bag full of ideas Si pieced together the majority of the bands rough demo's doing what he could to give people a vague idea of what they had in store.

After the release of the bands first EP (Demo One), they chose to seek outside influence for completion of their latest demo (The Call On Me EP) in the form of local Leeds hero Steve Baker, the man behind the legendary Dr. Wu's bar and bass player in Dave Beers' band 'The Blessed'.

Like every solid band worth their salt, WeRunRiot have had to weather stormy seas to get where they are today. Triumph prevailed over adversity and 2010 sees the band emerging from the storm stronger and more determined than ever, with one thing on their minds... Being heard.

The lads channelled their creative frustrations into late night songwriting sessions which have lead to the birth of the bands strongest and most original material... Cards that are being held close to their chests until the time is right. For now it's all about new beginnings, moving forward, starting over.

We Will Rise...
We Will Prevail...