This is an archive of the band profile for Pet Accessories.

Pet Accessories are a Leeds-based band who are unashamably genre-whoring, fusing subversive electronic music and experimental guitar-driven pop, all surrounding a solid core of song-writing. Their sound is assuredly unique yet could be compared music such as The Knife, Deerhoof, Battles, Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Bjork and Radiohead.

Performances comprise of Anna Hetherington on vocals, guitar & programming Mark Parvin on drums and Andrew Woodhead on bass.

The Pet Accessories sound is a completely different animal to what can be oft found in venues across the land, so come and see, compare the notes you have prepared and constructively heckle so we may hold hands, grow, and mature into well-adjusted civilians.

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""if Souxsie Soux was in Kraftwerk this is what would happen"

"Laptop-core funny time signature, squarkous pop. With fast drums."

"The band combines heavy synth and basslines with luscious Blondie/Marina and the Diamonds vocals to create a truly interesting sound. The band clearly know what they are doing and it appears that a lot of work has gone into each song with some delightful choruses which leave you with the melody wrapped around your head like a scarf to a neck. I particularly enjoyed the individuality of the band and it tickled the taste buds for a night full of electronica entertainment." (Aaron Snowdon, Leeds Music Scene)

"this dark, beautiful sound is incredibly original but could possibly be identified as a less intense Crystal Castles...Anna Hetherington is the multi-talented musician responsible for the epic 'e.p. 1'. Her seductive tone places you in your own musical haven where you have no desire to do anything except inhale her eerie indie-electro sound. The real diamond of the E.P. is 'Supply Demand Deliver'. What elevates this track is the raw vocal talent that intoxicates the listener. throughout the E.P the sound exemplifies originality displaying heartfelt vocals that are delicately placed to the attentive listener.
Verdict: A truly compelling collection of songs that can only be admired"
(Tom Fisher, No TiTLE Magazine)

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