This is an archive of the band profile for Child Loses Arm.

Originally formed under the name of ADD in 2003, but changed their name after they had refined their sound. The band had some promising songs, but for some reason never refined them in the studio. In 2010 the band split, resulting in the songs being shelved for a future project.

Child Loses Arm were:
Andy Candlish (Guitar/Lyrics) (2003-2005)
Grant Everatt (Drums) (2003-2005)
Jamie Mooney (Vocals, Bass, Acoustic Guitar) (2003-2010)
Shaneen Dawkins (Bass) (2009-2010)
Alex Simpson (Drums) (2009-2010)
Martyn Spencer (Guitar) (2009-2010)

Jamie and Shaneen now play in a band called Neuts. They are based in Leeds and play grunge and alternative rock..