This is a review of "Seriously, It's Getting Us Down Now" recorded by Burning Hank. The review was written by Dave Procter in 2010.

I was fortunate enough to catch this band on their Election Night release gig at the Packhorse and the turn out of voters was very mighty indeed, for both events of that day. So, here I have the LP "version" of the gig - recorded in two days in the bassist's flat, with a lovely ragged, live feel. Production is at a limit, and makes it feel good.

An LP of songs that fit together, and so a proper LP. A feeling of care and crafting of songs, of arrangements thought over with careful use of brass and violin and melodies and harmonies worked on. Of feeling that once the point of the tune has been developed and made, that it's time to start the next one. No chaff, heavy on the wheat. The vocals slack, the music shambling, the in-jokes and puns abound and the song titles 'Socks,', 'Al's on Strike,' 'Get a Job' are funny. No track stands out as the "best," which is good. They're equally as good a song as all the others. It's a complete LP, did you miss me saying that before? Anyone who's got any interest in aspects of King Missile, Half Man Half Biscuit, Beck, Pavement and Gorky's Zygotic Mynci should purchase this LP. It is very good indeed.