This is a review of "Too Much in Doubt" recorded by Last Night's TV. The review was written by Tony Pasquariello in 2002.

Last Night's TV bring us their 14 track album of laid-back chilled tunes. Mostly a progression on the acoustic material from their previous EP. When I heard the last EP from this Leeds 4 piece I thought their music had potential. Almost there, but missing a vital element. But there is no doubt on this CD the band have more originality in their endeavours. Like the other EPs, this is self produced and still contains that raw edge which has become the basis of the band's sound.

One of the standout tracks is the one they recorded for the Bright Young Thing's CD, "From The Top Of The Watchtower", "Know and Love" and "Better than That". The thing that impresses right from the start is Spencer Bayles' vocal talent. He has certainly improved immensely since the last EP and the harmonies between the vocals and violin are superb, leading to an almost folk sound. Very interesting. This CD should win them a few more fans. It certainly won me.