This is an archive of the band profile for Skull Branded Pirates.

Under the stewardship of Captain One-Ayed Wilson, Skull Branded Pirates were formed in March 2007. Six months were spent mastering guitar, sword, cannon and drum until finally on September 19th 2007 (Talk Like a Pirate Day) the crew boarded the stage at the Royal Park Cellars in Leeds, and all present raised a tankard and drank to the good health and future success of Skull Branded Pirates.

Since then, Skull Branded Pirates have savoured many victories across the UK, playing there dynamic mix of classic Heavy Metal melodies with a modern thrash dynamic.

With over 50 shows under their belts, Skull Branded Pirates have cut a reputation as a 1st rate live band. With a vibrant and visual stage show along with great quality sing-along songs and plenty of crew participation from the audience. A night with the Pirates is an experience not soon forgotten.

One year on from their inception, Skull Branded Pirates resolved to record their greatest of adventures to CD. Over the course of seven days between March - November 2008, nine tracks of the most fearsome piratical deeds ever committed to CD were recorded at Endless Studios in Birmingham.

Entitled The Legend of Salty Jim the CD was officially launched on February 7th 2009 at Leeds' nationally acclaimed Rock of Ages nightclub to a 600 people capacity full audience, 180 of which came dressed in full pirate attire.

The album launch live spectacle featured stage props, pyrotechnics, a guest vocal appearance from Dan Durrant (Conquest of Steel) and a 20 strong wench stage invasion, the highlight of the night coming as Salty Jim himself joined Skull Branded Pirates onstage for an epic battle during the performance of the album's title track,
The Legend of Salty Jim - The Lobster King.

Skull Branded Pirates are currently writing new material, planning their further voyages across the UK and charting new courses into Europe..