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The Asa Hawks are a five-piece band based in West Yorkshire. With their "unique country noir sound" and energetic live set, they have been busily building a loyal fan base since they formed in 2009. Playing now to increasingly packed rooms and giddy crowds, The Asa Hawks are starting to get a bit of a reputation. Having recently recorded an EP at Soup Studios in London (due out in Autumn), and dumbfounding listeners with a "stunning" and "triumphant" live acoustic set on Alan Raw's BBC Introducing programme on Radio Leeds, the band are fast gaining a reputation as the one to watch out for.

See what reviewers have to say:

"All of the excitement building up this gig has been about The Asa Hawks following their triumphant set on BBC Introducing with Alan Raw and they live up to the hype."

"...when singer Katy is given the reigns their music is really beautiful, moving even, and keeps the attention of those gathered."

"crowd-pleasing performance"

Rebecca Atkinson, LMS

*Gently caresses the part of you that secretly loves barn dances."

"...well constructed tunes and the musical sensitivity to pull them off."

Tim Hearson, LMS

"...when gifted primary vocalist Katy Raine takes the lead with her gently plucked acoustic guitar (backed to great effect by some rootsy banjo) and heavenly country-tinged tones, The Asa Hawks are actually very good indeed. With a voice that good, and some pleasingly rural and rusticsounding arrangements, The Asa Hawks could make some serious headway..."

Matt Humphreys, North Leeds Life magazine

"The Asa Hawks are on excellent form this evening; rousing and wistful in equal measure. Front woman Katy Raine is a sublime singer with a soulful velvety quality to her voice which is note perfect despite illness. The band's penchant for raconteurial Americana shines through but without ever sounding like mere imitation and the male/female vocals allow them to switch tempo and force with ease. It is also nice to see a banjo actually being used appropriately adding a delicacy to their sound which complements the electric and acoustic guitar work skilfully. It's a professional, well executed and engaging performance with some interesting rock inspired songs which make them a more interesting prospect than a lot of the country influenced bands on the circuit."

Rebecca Atkinson, Leeds Music Scene 26/09/11'..