This is an archive of the band profile for Champagne For Enemies.

Champagne For Enemies (formerly Secret In Today) started in early 2008 as a duo consisting of the founding members Mark Wright and Simon Walker. They jammed for a while, creating songs such as the now popular 'Drowning in Romance' and 'Feel the Same', before playing to empty pubs and clubs trying to get themselves heard.

After some time they decided to appeal for a few more members to make the line up complete as a band. This is when Tony Hudson (drums) got in touch and decided he wanted to play, so after a few months of hard work and practice they started gigging as a 3 piece and growing their fan base whilst trying out a few different bass players.

This continued until Tony's cousin Shane Hudson (now on bass) got in touch to arrange a jam. The guys bonded instantly and the full band was then complete.

Regularly playing local venues and clubs like the Frontier (Batley Variety Club), Rios in Leeds, Cockpit Leeds, Manchester Academy to name a few..