This is a review of "Violent Cop EP" recorded by Red Shift. The review was written by Tony Pasquariello in 2002.

Not too sure what to think about this EP really. A 4 piece "Yorkshire-based alternative rock outfit", recorded this on an 8 track in their drummer's garage in true punk rock fashion apparently. It does however bring out the raw quality of the music. A guitar infused wall of 3-minute punk rock brilliance, it's actually quite good when you listen to it. A kind of Mogwai meets Fugazi with a bit of Joy Division and New Order thrown in. The only criticism that could be contrived from this is that the vocals don't fit in with the music, but in such a way they fit perfectly. This is 21st Century noise, a bit after its time, but it seems the genre is coming round again. The best track on this CD is Paranoia, which should have been first in my opinion. That is just punk rock at its best.