This is an archive of the band profile for Lisa Marie Glover.

"Wow! What a voice! Lisa Marie Glover is something really special."
Rick Underwood - Liverpool Echo Online

"She is a wickedly clever and audacious wordsmith, with a voice that can send shivers down your spine one minute and have you hot under the collar the next."
Bill Mitton - Folk and Roots

"Lisa Marie Glover is very orientated to words and voices and it just pushes so many buttons."
Neil Fatea - Fatea Magazine Online

Singing in choirs at Catholic School was alright for a while. It wasn't long before her itching fingers picked up a guitar, fueled by a lust to play something a bit less holy.
Words and intricate Melodies were inevitable really; what with a mind that never shuts up, all boiled with curiosity and desire.
Singing songs is the first thing she ever wanted to do and it'll probably be her last. It's in the blood, like Malaria.
07865 123 060.